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Your mind is programmable - and if you're not programming it then someone else will program it for you.

rojen{at} riseup{dot}net (contact)

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Github: @rojenzaman | gist

Soundcloud: @computerdream

Twitter: @rojen36fe6ed7d7

Pixelfed: @rojen

Gitlab: @rojenzaman


Websites, projects, works.

My Web Notepad (as well as blog)
Bu Bir Web Sitesi
IT for Radical Activists
Subjects: Free Software, Hacktivist Movement, Information Security-Privacy, Open Access, Cypherpunk - Twitter List
Static Video Gallery Generator
video-gallery-generator_bash - Github (demo)
speedtest-cli Journalist for Cron or any Daemon - Github


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Distros that I am currently using and working:

debian trisquel termux on android whonix os qubes os raspberry pi openwrt linux mint

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